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Not sure what Technical Dowsing is all about or you want to make sure learning this skill is right for you? Paul H. Smith is giving away this 45-minute DVD documentary for FREE to show you the incredible power of Technical Dowsing.
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The following testimonials are just a few of the countless messages we receive from students all around the world. These testimonials are from regular people learning Technical Dowsing from Major Smith's DVD set with incredible results! Proof that the NEW Technical Dowsing DVD set is truly the most effective and state-of-the-art training course in the world!

"I sent Paul Smith's 2 DVD Dowsing set to a friend he followed your training including the lottery bonus feature on DVD 2. After practicing the dowsing techniques and trying it on the lottery, he actually won on his first try and got over $18,000.00! Your training set is by far the most effective, advanced and easy-to-follow instruction I have ever seen. It' the best thing out there. thank you!"

—Jim. Colorado

"I think I was one of the first ones to preorder your training DVDs. I was very excited to receive them and just wanted to let you know that I think they're extremely well done. Loved the aesthetic introduction. Appreciate your efforts in getting this out to the public. It is one more tool to help us realize who we are and what is possible."


"I received the Technical Dowsing set and watched the whole thing in one day. It is excellent and I will definitely be using it in conjunction with Remote Viewing! An outstanding job in putting it together, very professional." "


"Thanks for sending the DVD set. I wanted to let you know I have watched the Dowsing Program through and it is terrific!"

—Angela. Boulder City, NV

"I think your dowsing DVD was excellent. The professional format looked great."

—Brian. Austin TX

"Thank you for a fantastic time with the CRV course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a fantastic teacher, I will definitly come back for the intermediate course."

—Natasha, in Germany

"There is no finer RV teacher in the field than Paul H. Smith. His combination of background, teaching skill and accessibility are unmatched."

—Vic, in Dallas

"What I like about Paul's training is that he's confident and has the courage to do an example blind session to show how it's done!"

—David, in Arizona

"Of all the instructors out there, it's my feeling that none is more qualified than Paul, both in terms of deep understanding and experience with RV and in terms of teaching solid, well-proven RV methods. We had a great time with Paul, learned an awful lot, and hope you do too."

—Gene and Leveda, in Wyoming.

"I found Paul's class to be interesting, hard work (much harder than I anticipated), long hours and very rewarding. Paul impressed me as a person with very high integrity, dedication to his students and to teaching remote viewing, and a true professional with enormous expertise in the subject matter. I cannot recommend Paul and his remote viewing class too highly. He is a store house of quality information, not just about remote viewing but other topics as well."

—David, in San Francisco

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